Letter to an Unborn Child

1985, 11 MINS

Letter to an Unborn Child | Kleine’s Letter is the opening segment of Address Unknown, a feature film composed of five separate segments directed by Kleine, John Gianvito, Luc Corchesne, Karine Hrechdakian, and Jim Campbell. Each “letter” is addressed to a person you could not actually write to, either because they were dead, or gone, or, in Kleine’s case, not yet born.

“Cindy Kleine's opening piece, Letter to an Unborn Child has an incredibly soothing visual quality and rhythm. The audience can feel free to mentally dance and frolic with the images of Cindy, her gorgeous child co-star and an ephemeral man who we guess is either Cindy's husband or boyfriend.

Such wonderful cinematography does not interfere with the nostalgic plea expressed by Kleine; maybe that of a woman who will never be a mother. The texture of the film is enough to keep anyone enchanted: regrettably for only 11 short minutes.”
– Corrado Giambalvo, The Tech, November 1985

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